Tuesday, October 27, 2009

What to do with all those scrap leftovers of fabric

Since i make a lot of bibs i have a lot of left over circles and i came up with a creat idea of recycling and reusing those pieces.
hopefully in the next weeks or so i can finish those thoughs and show them off here.
just to give a few idea... i was thinking to make a game out of it... like little filled bean sacks that each team has to through as close as possible to the main sack.

if anyone has input or more ideas... let me know??? i love the idea and will work on that soon.

i hope everyone has been enjoying the pictures i shared of my family (=
isn't my baby cute, lol

ok everyone... i am working hard to stock up for the graftshows and i also had my first wholesale order. jupiiiiiiiii

have a blessed week everyone

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