Thursday, September 17, 2009

First Cold Temperatures are here and Fall Fashion is too

HI Everyone and Happy FAll!
Though i don't like the cold at all, i love to create and of course use Fall clothes.
For some reason i think fall doesn't just have to be in orange, brown and red tones... i think it can also be bright and colorfull to stand out in the grey crout of people.
Imagine going through town and seeing this little cute girl in one of those personalized dresses


Some cute bootys and legg warmers and don't forgett a cute little hat (=. My daughter will be waring one of those this fall. Infect she did yesterday and lots of people asked about it. By the way, her name is Emily Anja, thats what the E is standing for.

I do love bright orange tones and with this fantanstic recycled eco friendly reusable bag you will be green and fashionable too. What a deal to recieve this bag and a wallet free with it. Everybody will notice you like a bright sunshine of the day (=

Pair this bag with a pair of earing from AlistCreations and you are good to go (= Check this out.
And look at this cute pillow i found in Fall tones so bright and friendly. Cold weather doesn't have to mean boring day. With this pillow in your house you will launch cozy and happy (=

And here are a few more fall Deals and Styles to start with
White Lace Skirt                                       Brown Launch Dress      Double Skirt

Be sure to check back for more Fall Fashion soon. I have much more ideas and thoughts to share... but for now Motherhood is calling me (=


  1. Those earrings are wonderful, I have a pair and they are to die for!!